Tailored Learning Tools

Learning Confirmations

Learning Confirmations

The Learning Confirmations tool is a feature within the Lesson Builder that allows instructors to assess their students’ knowledge of the lesson material.

It’s a unique feature unlike any other LMS and can change how an instructor gauges their students’ lesson comprehension. This is an essential tool to use and implement when creating lessons.

This tool is about better supporting online learning and allowing students to have access to customizable learning pathways. The Learning Confirmations tool also allows for instructors to assess their students’ knowledge and provide resources for a struggling student, while encouraging a student who might already know the material.

Once you bring your Learning Confirmation Template into the Lesson Builder, you can edit and design pathways based on the template you’ve created. You can redirect a student to the lesson material or direct a student down a new learning path. You can even send a struggling student to review content that is not in the current lesson they are working in. 

This feature creates tailored learning pathways while addressing all students’ educational needs.

Delve into what we call “our favorite tool in EdQualis.” Learn about how to implement the Learning Confirmation tool but also why it’s so necessary to use this feature.