For All.

EdQualis is an education technology company with a portfolio of products and services that support educators and administrators at the institutional level. EdQualis’ tools allow students to learn in the ways that are most effective for them as individuals. EdQualis also provides individual consumers tools to help their families with education solutions for parents, students and adult learners.

More than just learning

The EdQualis ecosystem is a 360-degree evolution of the educational experience. With it you can deliver better courses, streamline tedious tasks and improve the work life of faculty, staff and administrators. We provide an advanced LMS with a focus on collaboration, adaptability, detailed analytics and pre-audit accreditation reporting. Within our software ecosystem is Project Studio, an artificially intelligent project management system which allows for automatic status updates.

Our Story

We believe in the power of education to improve lives and in the power of technology to liberate an organization. Combining those two passions, we built EdQualis to do just that.
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