Changing The Future of Education

We believe in the power of education to improve lives, and in the power of technology to liberate an organization. Combining those two passions, we built ESP to do just that. Founded in 2014, ESP is a multidisciplinary and diverse team with more than 17 years of experience working together to build next-generation technology. Our team members built the IBM TRIRIGA platform from the ground up. We developed the Google QuickOffice mobile office suite. But above all we are parents, students, learners and teachers. At ESP, we are reinventing the notion of education. Why? Because we believe education should be accessible and equitable to all, and its end result should be to create life-long learners. Our unique educational ecosystem allows learners of varying levels to participate in the same class:

  • With adaptive learning paths tailored to each student’s needs.
  • No shortcuts or compromises.
  • Prevents students being left behind.

We start with our proprietary, fully integrated platform of collaborative educational services and then customize a platform to the exact needs of K-12, University and Corporate organizations. With ESP your organization can deliver world-class education in class, online or offline. Wherever you are or your students are.

How We Give Back

Partnering with minority serving Universities and corporate partners, ESP is used to teach American Minorities Collective for Software Development (AMCSD) courses.

Contact ESP to learn how we can help you improve outcomes, streamline tedious manual tasks and improve the work life of faculty, staff and administrators.